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For a collection of documents on aspartame, see Mark Gold's Aspartame / Nutrasweet page, which includes a continuously updated file of adverse reaction complaints taken from the internet and US mail, a critique of research done to test the safety of aspartame, chemical and biological facts about aspartame, and more.

David O. Rietz

This brave man has a very gaudy but informative site where he offers his own case history and provides many links to articles on aspartame, including the "official" point of view from the makers of NutraSweet.

H. J. Roberts, aspartame researcher

Blurbs about two books on aspartame by H. J. Roberts, M.D. (and instructions on how to order the books) are available from Sunshine Sentinel Press.

Mission Possible

Also, you may write to the Mission Possible autoresponder, maintained by Betty Martini, and have an article on aspartame sent directly to your email box.

  1. Address your email to <>.
  2. In the "Subject:" line, put "sendme filename", where filename is one of the files listed below (list accurate as of January 24, 1996):
File Name           Description/Author
=========           ==================
help                Autoresponder instructions; list of articles
brain-cancer        Peer review journal by Dr. H. J. Roberts
world-environ-conf  Dec 1,1995  MS and systemic lupus rampant
headache-report     Dr. Hays
diabetes-aspartame  Dr. H. J. Roberts
pregnancy-aspartame Dr. H. J. Roberts
congressional-rec   Dr. Louis Elsas (pediatric prof.genetics)
letter              Dr. Louis Elsas-Emory University
aspartame-eye       Various problems aspartame triggers
eye-dr-roberts      Dr. Roberts position paper on eye/aspartame
aspartame-testing   Malice In Blunderland
they-knew           Secret trade information
nutrapoison         Alex Constantine
informed-consent    History of aspartame
case-histories      Common case histories
fda-complaints      Official FDA Report April, 1995
aspartame-review    Discussion about "flawed tests"
fda-investigator    Says aspartame poisonous neurotoxin
devastations        Devastations of aspartame & symptoms
desert-storm        Is Desert Storm Syndrome NutraSweet Disease?
blindness           Chicago Sun Times 10/17/86  NutraSweet
multiple-sclerosis  Methanol toxicity mimicks/aspartame
safe-sweeteners     Resource list
dr-whitaker         About Stevia
stevia-approved     Approved, plus Dr. Atkins comments
dr-bowen            Says aspartame mass poisoning
joint-pain          Doctor's report - caused by aspartame
metzenbaum-bill     killed/would have warned world and required
                    independent studies on problems from
                    aspartame  by NIH.
references-1        independent studies/cit: Toxic Times Article
references-2        independent studies and citations continued
dr-roberts-form     Evaluation and research; aspartame victims
toxic-times         Article on independent testing of aspartame,
                    not funded by manufacturer; references above
                    November, 1995
joyce-wilson        Blindness and death by NutraSweet
panic-attacks       Lancet article: Aspartame triggers panic
Updated: October 27, 1997