--Reprint from THE KENTUCKY POST of December 31, 1923


Meaning of Vision Explained by J. Raphaelson

Just what is Vision? What physical processes take place when we see?

Scientists hav been able to give only partially satisactory theories to explain what happens during the act of seeing, and new theories are constantly being offered. J. Raphaelson, Newport optometrist, and for many years a student of the subject, has offered a theory that differs widely from prevalent ideas on the subject.

"Vision is a physical process similar to the action which takes place in making music. The rods and cones of the eye are similar to the keys of a piano.

"And the light rays in entering the eye and focusing on the retina penetrate and strike the rods and cones of the organ of sight as the pianist strikes the keys of a piano.

"Vision is a musical cyclorama played on the brain with rods and cones as keys."

Raphaelson has explained his theory at length in a number of trade and scientific magazines. Few of his acquaintances know him, however, as a scientist, but rather as one of the oldest established and best-known optometrists of Newport.

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