Your Glasses and Your Eyes
Twenty Lessons

Written in short and simple language

Ten Lessons on Your Glasses
Ten Lessons on Your Eyes

Dr. Jacob Raphaelson, O.D., Retired

Copyright 1956 by Jacob Raphaelson, O.D.

First published in 1956 by Research Foundation for Prevention of Myopia.

Hypertext version edited by Alex Eulenberg; last revision December 13, 2006.

We are confronted with compulsory unnatural use of our eyes. It is about time that our educators, legislators, medical men and the general public acquire some basic and practical knowledge about spectacles and glasses.

This book is written for the public
In the language of the public


For more than fifty-five years the author of this book has been doing independent optical research on the relationship of vision, spectacles and health. He has made some discoveries and has come to certain conclusions which are unknown to the medical and optical professions. He has developed a new approach to the fitting and wearing of spectacles and glasses. It follows the basic principles of optics; it does not follow the path as practiced, at present, by the optical professions.

The author believes that, in regard to the relationship of spectacles, vision and health, the medical and optical professions are in a state of confusion and on the wrong track. He has written this book to clarify and simplify the matter and to uncover the mystery about the fitting and wearing of spectacles and glasses.


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