Organizations Involved in Vision Improvement

The following organizations all provide products and services for the purpose of improving naked-eye vision. They are not affiliated with I SEE, nor is their listing here intended as an endorsement of the services and products provided.

Behavioral or "Vision Training" Optometrists

These organizations can refer you to a licensed Doctor of Optometry who prescribes behavioral therapy for the eyes. As optometrists, they are licensed to prescribe lenses as well. They vary considerably in philosophy. Some are doctors who use exercises to treat cross eye, but still only prescribe glasses for nearsightedness. Others do contact-lens therapy (Ortho-K, PCM) and market it as a "natural" alternative to glasses. Very few of them are actively involved in the cause of better eyesight without glasses, but most of them are sympathetic, and will be more likely than other eye doctors to be helpful when you come saying you want specially underprescribed "training glasses".

Non-Optometric (or not exclusively optometric) vision improvement

The following organizations provide services, workshops, and products that deal with improving vision primarily by means other than with glasses.

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