International Society for the Enhancement of Eyesight

The International Society for the Enhancement of Eyesight, (founded 16 Jan 1995) is a web site and a mailing list dedicated to promoting better natural eyesight for everyone!

Simple, safe, and easy techniques have been known for at least a century that you can employ to prevent, lessen, and possibly completely eliminate blurry vision. These techniques of the "Art of Seeing" have been simply ignored by mainstream optometry and ophthalmology. It's time to change all that! You have nothing to lose but your glasses!

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  • I SEE Library: articles on eye health, treatments, and vital concerns.
  • I SEE Mailing List: how to subscribe as well as archives!
  • I SEE Store: Books and materials you can buy to support this web site.
  • Eye Charts -- test your vision! Free downloads
  • Finding Help -- organizations providing referrals, educational materials, and products in the area of vision therapy
  • Eye Doctors for Vision Improvement -- practicing eye doctors who help people see better without glasses or surgery
  • Bibliographies: Books to help you on your journey, eye-opening research on vision, and more...
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