Lesson 18
HYPER-EYES (new term)

Hyper-eyes are those hyper-sighted eyes that have poor vision for distance. They have less than 20/20 vision in eye tests. They are mainly of two kinds: the poor vision eyes and the deceptive-vision eyes. The poor vision eyes are mostly oler persons who had hyper-far-sighted eyes when younger. They lost the flexibility in their eyes for nearer seeing. They became unable to see clearly at any distance nearer than the stars in the heavens.

Besides age, there are many causes that make hyper-eyes unable to have clear vision even when young. The medium grade hypers of more than 1.25d. may get spoiled because of the excessive use of their eyes for near vision. The higher grades of more than 2.00d. are not suited even for ordinary civilized seeing. they easily get spoiled -- besides, they are susceptible to many ailments in the eyes and in the body.

Before any structural, fluid or any other changes take place in the eyes, poor vision hyper-eyes can have good vision by wearing full strength plus glasses. If spoiled too much they may be able to get only better vision, but not full vision. Often, hyper-eyes are and become deceptive.

Deceptive hyper-eyes are those which imitate and act like near-sighted, or myopic, eyes. Some deceptive eyes are poor vision eyes which are unable to see well, either distance or near-by. But they seem to see a little better nearer than farther. They also seem to get a little better vision from minus glasses instead of plus. Others, especially young children, lose only their distant vision. Like near-sighted eyes they can see well near-by but not far away. Also, like near-sighted eyes, they seem to regain their full distant vision with minus glasses.

These acting near-sighted eyes are really deceptive. There are many variations and they have been given many names. Here are a few: Simple myopia, Progressive myopia, School-myopia, False myopia, Pseudo myopia, Spasm myopia, Acquired myopia, Occupational myopia, Functional myopia, Temporary myopia, Neuro myopia and Postural myopia. In many cases they imitate myopia so well that they cannot be detected by the drops (mydratic) of the oculist or by the complicated testing machinery of the optometrist. They can be revealed only by the wearing of plus spherical glasses for acertain time.

If civilized man is to save his natural hyper-far-sighted eyes, he must provide a pair of plus 1.00d. spherical glasses for every child, to be used whenever he has to do prolonged near vision work.

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